We take the pain out of owning and renting a property. We understand that a lot of people have either tired of dealing with the day to day situations with their properties, or they have become landlords by accident and don't really have the energy for the hard work that owning a property can take.

We as a company rent your property from you, paying you your rent on time every month, and then allocate the property to our corporate and professional clients. We cover most of the bills, provide a weekly cleaner, and ensure that the property is well looked after and cared for.

Typically we would require a lease of at least 2 years, or more! This means that you do not have any voids at the end of each year when you would typically be looking for another tenant. We're here for the long term! However, for new properties in areas we are not quite as familiar with we may request an initial 6 month break clause so we can be sure that the property suits our clients.

We will only bother you with maintenance issues that are serious, and will present you with three quotes to choose from for the more complicated jobs, and also arrange access to the property so that you are never disturbed. The small jobs we will just do ourselves (with your permission).

We also provide a great service for ex-pat Landlords who are living abroad, because we provide quarterly date-stamped photographs of your property so you can keep an eye on how well your property is being looked after.

We are growing rapidly, so are very interested in hearing about any properties you may have that may be suitable. So contact us straight away if we can help!